Unconditional Care Senior Services

"Hands to help & Hearts that love"

Welcome to Unconditional Care Senior Services. Our mission is to offer quality services to the senior population by providing hands that help seniors and those in need continue to live productive and relative lifestyles, overcome challenges, and to maintain heart postures that love by providing care and hope to our clients.


Unconditional Care was created and founded in order to create a pathway to independence and sustainability for the aging population and those in need. The company was birthed from a place of love and compassion for servicing this population and these are the types of employees that we are looking for. We look for those that are friendly, attentive, and have a heart that is postured in passion for service and we will work to implement and enforce procedures and policies which will ensure that the employment practices of the company will comply with all applicable laws.


It is our goal to recruit the highest quality employees throughout the state. We are working to implement new procedures and expand hiring practices to recruit a diverse and well-rounded workforce by tapping into community resources


We strive to help hiring agents find the most qualified and professional employees to meet client and company needs. We work hard to ensure all procedures and hiring practices comply with applicable laws and maintain confidentiality.

Training & Serving

We are continuously developing training programs to help hiring agents with the hiring process along with onboarding training for our employees. Although we serve the residents of the Triangle Area, we will continue to be available and accessible to all employees. We provide professional and quality customer service

Unconditional Care Senior Services

Current Positions

- Transportation & Concierge

- In Home Services

- Executive Assistant

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