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Building a business of compassion and love...

"Your only limitations are the ones you place on yourself! Age and disabilities may be challenges for you to overcome... But, you don't have to be overcome by them! See your life as you desire it and work towards that goal!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Bridgette Kaya

Unconditional Care Senior Services was started under the capacity of creating a safe, compassionate, and loving environment for the senior and special needs community. Because we truly believe that your latter days should be your greatest days. So many times the idea of aging is directly associated with hands-on medical care, but that is not everyone's story! So many seniors are living longer, stronger, and healthier lives. That is where our professional services staff can help with transportation, organization, assistance, companionship, or keeping their home clean. The cornerstone of Unconditional Care Senior Services has been and always will be to help the elderly and those in need stay independent and enjoy the homes or living facilities that they are currently in for as long as possible. Our staff has experience with families dealing with dementia, late age onset depression, handicap, the legally blind, and terminal illness to name a few. We are here to serve and to make our clients feel like they are family (safe, comfortable, and truly cared about).

We believe that because seniors have lived through, experienced, and witnessed changes in this life and world that others were not able to survive. For this they deserve to be honored for the life they have lived, the lives they have saved or influenced, and the life/lives they have raised! There is nothing like the energy and wisdom that seniors bring to the conversation no matter what the topic may be.


The owner has over 24 years experience in corporate, administrative, project management, teaches in the School of Business at a local University, and as an entrepreneur, has been able to learn and avoid many mistakes that most business owners make. By being humble enough to know the importance of a positive attitude and building a network with seniors as advisors, the company continues to grow at a steady pace while still delivering quality service.

"What you are experiencing is NOT a roadblock...it's redirection! Instead of seeing an obstacle....see an opportunity!"   

Meet the Owner

Bridgette Kaya, MBA


Bridgette is not only a mother of 3 adult children and an Entrepreneur with a love & passion for the senior population; she is also a Professor at a local University. Bridgette has her Masters in Business Administration and is also working on her Doctorate in Business Administration and Executive Leadership. Her great passion is bringing hope and healing to families in need and families that are having difficulties with the transitions that come with aging or disabilities. She also enjoys finding ways to help others overcome the disparities, labels, and stigmas that those in need face on a daily basis. Helping clients and their families find workable solutions and healthy positive perceptions and options are key.

"Your only limitations are the ones you place on yourself! "

- Bridgette Kaya  

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