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Helping Mom At Home: Redefining Care for Seniors

As Mom grows older, her desire to be self-reliant and independent does not diminish. In fact, in many ways, it increases. This may leave adult children struggling with the idea of how to give Mom the independence she desires and still ensures that we are keeping her safe and all her basic--and more complex--needs are being met.

If your parents are capable (or even mostly capable) of taking care of themselves, empowering them to stay in their home can be the best thing for everyone involved. Here are three simple steps you can take to ensure Mom’s safety and ease your own mind, without overly taxing your already busy days with more tasks and duties that need to be done.

1. How to help Mom in just one day

There are a few simple things that can be accomplished in a weekend to help Mom stay at home: add railings to the stairs and showers; install a ramp outside to avoid stairs and potential falls; have lighting that is bright enough so that she can see well as she moves around; organize her frequently used items so that she can easily find them.  

Adding skid-free bath mats and securing rugs will help Mom to avoid slipping, tripping or falling and will help keep her safe. Providing her with a medical alert system is another way to ensure help if the need arises.

2. How to help Mom on a regular basis

Schedule specific times or days for friends, family, and neighbors to stop by and visit with them. This not only helps everyone to know that she is safe but also opens doors to conversation and friendship allowing Mom to feel loved and cared for, on her own terms.

3. How to help Mom on a long-term basis

And of course, when the needs are a little more involved there is the option of hiring some in-home help. Hiring someone to help with things as simple as weekly visits, housekeeping, meal prep, cooking and errand-running, and perhaps even some of the minor medical issues that come up is safe and easy.

Some families find this to be one of the best choices for them. It empowers Mom to live her life as normally and independently as possible while giving her the assistance and help she needs to be successful. Hiring an in-home care service, like Unconditional Care Senior Services, can take the stress of caring for every need off of you while giving you the peace of mind of knowing she is cared for.

Redefining Senior Care

Mom has lived her life serving and caring for us and now it is time for us to care for her. Getting help with Mom at home is simple, easy and a perfect way to give her the freedom she craves with the assistance she needs. Respecting Mom’s dignity and independence allows us to redefine what caring for our seniors means when they want to live in their own home.


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